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Alexander Gower

Alexander Gower

Alex was born in 1570 to English painter George Gower in Yorkshire, England. His father having been appointed Serjeant painter to Queen Elizabeth I in 1581, Alex came to court when he was just eleven years old. He is an only child as his mother, Catherine, died of fever when he was just a toddler. Alex trained to paint under his father but his dislike for painting portraits meant he had to find a career in which to support himself.

In 1590 Alex graduated from St. Johns College, Oxford. Although the institution was primarily for religious instruction, Queen Elizabeth insisted on a well rounded education for all those who studied. Alex took an interest in the law and upon graduation, returned home to care for his ailing father and family affairs.

In the next six years, Alex became a respected businessman with a talent for understanding how the laws in varying countries governed commerce. The contacts his father made over decades of painting the wealthy also helped build Alex's reputation in the business community. Upon the death of George Gower in 1596, Alex was then free to travel abroad, aiding the throne in the development of the East India Trading Company.

There were many potential investors for the EITC, one of which was Voivode Cothelas Decebalus of Transylvania. Alex met with him in 1598...and never returned to England.